Lysaght Living

Only the LYSAGHT Living ® range gives you the backing of Australia’s largest steelmaker – BlueScope Steel – and the peace of mind of industry leading warranties and products

Colorbond Verandahs Patios and Carports, Adelaide

Enjoy year-round outdoor living while adding style and value to your home My Dezign Exteriors are proud to be distributors for the LYSAGHT Living ® range of verandahs, patios and carports to compliment of our variety of outdoor living solutions.
The strong and durable LYSAGHT® steel components of your addition are made from COLORBOND® steel. They won’t warp, chip or peel and are rot and termite resistant. Just an occasional wash down is all that’s required to keep your patio, verandah or carport looking great for years to come. They offer a clean look, and provide a strong structure for your outdoor area without any visual clutter.
My Dezign Exteriors can also offer you a wide range of additional features to further enhance your new outdoor living area including:
  • Screens and out door blinds
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Fans and Heating
  • Other outdoor features
Within our close network we can also provide many other valuable outdoor design features all arranged for your convenience. LYSAGHT Living ® additions are available in several classical designs and can also be customised in most cases to suit your individual requirements.LYSAGHT living offers you a great product, and the best value We have found that the following considerations are key differences between the LYSAGHT living ® and competing steel patio products.
  • LYSAGHT Living® is manufactured by BlueScope, the makers of Colorbond® steel. BlueScope steel is 100% Australian made, and ideal for Australian conditions. Many Verandah and carport manufacturers use imported galvanised steel which is then painted and often misrepresented as Colorbond® products. The Colorbond® products have registered trademark colour names.
  • All components of your structure are rigorously tested by BlueScope Lysaght research and development team to exacting standards
  • Posts are specifically made from superior 2mm fully galvanised steel for maximum strength. They are not converted from a box beam as some other manufacturers supply
  • LYSAGHT Living ® structures adhere to strict engineering guidelines to meet or exceed building codes and Australian standards
  • Purlins are set between your rafters and not above, so that a clean roof line can be achieved. This also eliminates roosting places for birds and cobwebs
  • LYSAGHT Living ® features exclusive “smartparts” to avoid angled cuts that may otherwise detract from the overall appearance of your verandah
  • Flashings are used on the underside of the ridge line on gabled verandahs for a neat finish and allow for concealed cabling (e.g. for lights, fans or heating).
  • LYSAGHT Living ® structures feature a manufacturer’s structural warranty of 20 years.
  • LYSAGHT Living  ® structures are available in a selection of the 20 Colorbond® colours
  • LYSAGHT Living ® structures are also available in several design options, including skillion, pitched roof with enclosed or open gable ends, dutch gable, hip roof and bay end construction.
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