Comfortline Patio Heating

Radiant Heating Panels Radiate Heat Just Like the Sun
Comfortline offers high quality, European-made outdoor and indoor electric overhead heating panels and accessories supplied in Australia exclusively through Devex Systems, specialists in heating, cooling and insulation excellence.

You know the feeling of emerging from beneath a cool, shady tree into the warmth of the sun? That is the effect of radiant heat. It feels different than any other heat; it is quick and constant.

They are the latest development in radiant heat technology for virtually any environment including outdoor heating i.e. patios, and indoor heating i.e. bedrooms (Slimline). They offer unparalleled comfort and adaptability and are easy to install and, unlike most other heating components that require infrastructure modifications, Comfortline panels can be easily mounted on most existing ceiling configurations.

The perfect heating solution for indoors and outdoors, Comfortline heating panels provide: A fast, efficient, and silent option for difficult-to-heat areas Inconspicuous designs, perfect for recessed or surface ceiling applications Radiant heat , supplementing or replacing traditional forced air systems Invisible heat for residential use when ceiling foils are used Delivering heat much the way the sun does, Comfortline ceiling mounted panels provide luxurious warmth and offer significant savings when compared with bottled LPG gas heaters (i.e. mushroom heaters) and other forms of traditional heating. Comfortline radiant heating panels offer the obvious solution to all of your heating problems. Silent, clean, safe, comfortable, hypoallergenic, cost-effective, space-saving, and maintenance-free!
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